Chinese Speaking Tour Guide

Chinese Speaking Tour Guide in Israel


We Provide Chinese speaking tour guides who are well familiar with the highlights and the “must-sees” in Israel, and could easily turn your trip to Israel into an unforgettable experience.

Chinese speaking tour guide

TAO’s Chinese speaking tour guides guarantee you will have an enriching tour, filled with historical, cultural, and most importantly –  fun aspects of the business vacation in Israel.

Whether you come to Israel for tourism reasons only or if you have a busy schedule full of business meetings leaving you only limited free time to explore the country.

Whether you are interested in Israel’s history, archeology and geography or you just have an interest in relaxing on the beach and enjoying the delicious Israeli cuisine – our excellent Chinese speaking office team together with our Chinese speaking tour guides tour guides will customize the tour according to your specific needs and requests.

Watch one of TAO’s Chinese speaking tour guides and CEO Eyal Bener (李琦) explaining about the old city of Jerusalem, during a visit of a business delegation, Mount Olives:

What are the adventages of TAO’s tour guides

There are some significant advantages in having an excellent Chinese speaking tour guide to accompany your delegation.

Trip in Golan Heights

In addition to the standard explanations at each site, TAO’s Chinese speaking tour guides will also be able to give you examples and analogies from Chinese history and folk stories, ensuring that you will be able to relate to the stories and feel at home.

We will ensure that everything is well organized, booked and preplanned, allowing you to lean back and enjoy the tour and not worry about any of the operational steps. We will plan the best route while choosing the most appropriate attractions, according to the specific nature of your delegation.

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