Chinese Translation Services in Israel

Hebrew/English – Chinese Translation Services in Israel

Consecutive and Simultaneous

We provide professional English/Hebrew-Chinese translation services to Israeli and Chinese companies in various fields and occasions, including:

Business meetings, Negotiations, Professional tours, Conferences, Business meals and receptions, Academic seminars and Factory related technical translations.


Chinese Translation during meetings

Beyond the language berrier

At TAO, the Chinese translator’s task is not only to translate, but also to accompany and advise. All TAO translators have acquired deep understanding and knowledge of both Chinese and Israeli culture and customs.

With regard to communication with the Israelis, they will be able to assist and advise in order to avoid misunderstandings which might arise from culture gaps and different codes of conduct.

Small details such as choosing the right words or choosing the right gifts, may greatly affect the possibility of a successful communication! The translators at TAO will make sure your best interests are kept.


Hebrew/English – Chinese Translation – Consecutive

In consecutive translation the speech is divided into segments, and the translator translates while one of the sides has finished expressing an idea or several sentences. The translator’s mission is to make sure that all content smoothly passes from one side to the other.

Consecutive translation is suitable for during official business meetings, professional on-site tours, multiple B2B events, professional workshops and factory related technical translations.


Hebrew/English Chinese Translation – Simultaneous 

Simultaneous Chinese Translation

In simultaneous translation the translator renders the source language, carried by a single speaker, into the target-language as quickly as possible. The speaker speaks fluently and without pauses and the translator simultaneously listens and transfers it to the target-language.

 Simultaneous translation is most suitable during official speeches and receptions, lectures and conferences.

Simultaneous translation requires special equipment such as a mobile acoustic booth, microphones and headsets for the audience, which can be all provided by TAO.


Simultaneous English to Chinese Translation during a signing ceremony between the Technion institute and Chinese billionaire and entrepreneur Mr. Li Ka Shing, September 2013 in Tel-Aviv:

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