About Us

TAO Business Tours from China Ltd. was founded in 2008 by Eyal Bener, a licensed Chinese speaking tour guide, in order to provide a comprehensive solution for Chinese delegations visiting Israel.

Over the past decade, Israel and China has intensively deepened their relations in a variety of aspects including tourism, culture, investments and trade, high-tech, agriculture and more. Now days there are numerous cooperations between China and Israel and the numbers keep growing each year.

By 2018, TAO Company has become well known for its excellency and punctuality, providing custom-made tourism and professional business services to hundreds of groups from China, both pure tourism groups and professional delegations in various fields. TAO is a full member of the Israeli incoming tour operators association, and listed as a licensed tour agency in the China National Tourism Administration.

The Team

Eyal Bener | Founder and CEO
Eyal was born and educated in an actual Israeli Kibbutz on the coast of the famous sea of Galilee. After serving 3 years in IDF Special Forces unit, Eyal went to China perusing his dream of practicing Tai Qi and Kung Fu. During his stay, he fell in love with the Chinese culture and language, and dedicated the next 8 years studying Chinese in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Beijing University. After coming back to Israel Eyal registered to the official tour guiding course of the Israeli ministry of tourism.

Liron Urman | Business Development Manager

Liron has joined TAO company in 2011, after returning from a 2 years stay in Beijing working with EL-AL Israel airlines company. She has a B.A degree from Tel-Aviv University and M.A degree from Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Liron has a 7 years’ experience in managing large scale projects with TAO and communication with Chinese clients. Gaining an extensive knowledge in the Chinse tourism market, Liron is giving lectures and consultation services to Israeli companies, government offices and other local institutions on a daily basis.

Alex Kopans | Head of Operation

Coming back from a year of Chinese studies in Yunnan University, Alex has joined TAO Company in 2012. He is handling TAO’s largest delegations, all the way from the initial contact with the client, throughout building custom-made programs of all kinds and until the end of the successful visit, all this while providing 24-hour support to the client. Specializes in business-oriented groups and official educational delegations coming from Chinese universities, Alex had built a network of Israeli start-up companies and other institutions that always happy to cooperate with TAO.

Talia Dvortchin | Senior Project Manager

After her studies in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Talia has spent 6 years in Kunming exploring the Chinese culture and fascinated by the language. She joined TAO Company in 2014, and accumulated a vast experience in handling Chinese tour groups since then. Being a true supporter of the “Hands-on” approach, Talia has accompanied dozens of TAO’s tour groups during visits in Israel, leaving them speechless by her professional and patient managing and on-the-spot problem solving ability. Talia focuses on the pure tourism groups of TAO.

Why choose us?

Focus: TAO is the first ever tour agency in Israel that focuses on the Chinese market only. Actually, we do not know any other market! This means that we have a vast knowledge of the specific needs and special requests of the Chinese groups.

Experience: Over the last decade we have dealt with hundreds of Chinese groups from different types of clients. As a result, we know exactly which hotels, which restaurants and attractions and even which specific tour guide to assign to any kind of group in order for the visit will turn out as good as it gets.

One Stop Shop: For business-oriented delegations, why split your efforts with 2 or more companies? We can provide to you both tourism and business services in the same package, together with professional translation if needed, making our deal much more worthy and hard to beat.

Flexibility: Unlike traditional tour companies, we almost never use the same program twice! Understanding the Chinese market, we know that each group has its own special interests and demands, therefore we build custom-made tour schedule or professional program for each group to fit the clients’ specific needs.

Staff: TAO office staff is highly trained, long-year qualified, and well experienced in working with Chinese private companies, tour agencies, universities and government institutions. Plus, we can communicate directly in Chinese with you.

We provide personal, courteous and professional services with the highest standards while paying attention to our clients’ special needs.

For further details or for price quotation for the requested services, please contact us at info@taoisrael.co.il